About Full Circle Hair Restoration

Full Circle Hair Restoration

Hair loss is not uncommon. Many people struggle with it, including men and women alike. But while most of us know it when our hair is thinning, we don’t always know why—or what can be done about it.

Full Circle Hair Restoration was founded to answer those two basic questions. Based in Columbus, Ohio, we’re here with a message of hope for those struggling with hair loss. We can help you get to the bottom of your problem, and from there, we can help you find a solution—one that will restore your hair, your look, and your sense of confidence.

The Full Circle Story

We are a fully licensed, non-surgical hair restoration clinic—and our goal is nothing less than to provide options to those who are dealing with either slight or serious hair loss.

Full Circle is owned and operated by Crystal Allen, a stylist with more than 27 years of experience. Working with clients, Crystal found more and more people coming to her with serious hair concerns. They were losing their thick, full heads of hair, and they didn’t know why. Crystal didn’t have the answers they needed, so she went back to school. She became certified in Trichology, which is the branch of dermatology devoted to the scalp. And she schooled herself in all the best, non-invasive hair replacement solutions that exist today.

Now, she runs Full Circle Hair Restoration Center as a way to provide answers to those who wonder why their hair is falling out—and not only answers, but solutions for how they can reclaim their hair and their look.

The Full Circle Difference

Full Circle Hair Restoration Center thrives on being personable. It’s not just about hair for us. It’s about people. It’s about establishing connections and providing hope.

We provide in-depth consultations for all of our clients. When you come to Full Circle, you’re invited to speak directly with one of our stylists in a private, low-key, one-on-one setting. We can perform extensive and non-invasive trichological testing, getting to the bottom of your hair loss—discovering why it is happening. And from there, we can guide you through all of the options that are available.

We’re not here to give you a hard sell, but simply to become your trusted allies through this process—and to show you that hair loss is not something you just have to settle for.

Hair Replacement in Columbus, Ohio

Full Circle Hair Restoration Center is proud to offer a wide range of services in hair replacement, but also basic hair styling and salon services. In short, we want to give you the hair of your dreams. And it all starts with a consultation. Come visit us at Full Circle Hair Restoration Center today, and learn more about the options that are available.



Full Circle Hair Restoration Center offers a fully confidential hair and scalp evaluation. Come in to Full Circle Hair to find out your hair’s potential to look great.

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  • For a while since starting to go bald, I had wanted to grow my hair back. When I heard about Crystal from a friend I decided to give it a try, even though at first I was skeptical. During my consultation, Crystal recommended the Low Light Laser Therapy. Since going for treatments, my hair has been consistently growing and I am excited about continuing my treatments.

    -Jeff A.

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