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Effective March 18. 2020 Governor Mike Dewine ordered hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, and tattoo parlors  to close its doors until further notice.  Although we specialize in Trichology we fall under the category of "hair salon".  While this greatly impacts our business we are more concerned for the safety of our valued clients.  We are committed to doing our part in slowing the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and so we have closed our doors temporarily.


While we are closed please know that we are still here for you. You can reach us by phone or email.  Please allow up to 24 hours for responses to calls, and inquiries due to the number of calls we are receiving. Feel free to email any inquiries to fullcirclehrc@gmail.com.


Please stay safe and healthy!  We send a special thank you to our loyal clients.  You are a valuable part of the FCHRC Community.  We remain confident and hopeful that we will resume providing you with exceptional service in the very near future.

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We’ll help you discover the WHY of your hair loss—and the WHAT NEXT.


Hair loss can impact men and women alike; it can affect people of all ages, and it can be either slight or extreme. It can stem from many different causes, too. No matter the specifics of your hair loss, though, it’s always a painful thing to experience. The loss of hair can mean the loss of your personal style, your poise, even your self-confidence. And it can seem hopeless, too—like there is nothing that can be done to grow that hair back. The message of Full Circle Hair Restoration Center is that hair loss is never hopeless—that no matter the particulars of your situation, there are always solutions to be found. Our job is to connect with you, consult with you, and ultimately guide you to the solutions that will work—the ones that will restore your hair, your look, and your confidence.


About Crystal Allen

Cosmetologist, Trichologist, and Researcher

Hair  guru Crystal Allen,  started in the beauty and hair care industry over twenty five years ago as a licensed Cosmetologist , and is now a certified Trichologist.  Over the years Crystal's quest for providing her clients superior service, and a genuine desire to help her clients feel and look their absolute best has led her to pursue numerous certifications.  Crystal educates her clients on how to deal with hair loss by providing step by step treatment plans designed to promote a healthy scalp, and the regrowth of  healthy hair.    An exclusive and lead Trichologist of Hair Nutrition, and Research in Columbus, Ohio, Crystal focuses on education, research, and analysis of hair and its connection to the scalp.  It is quite common to hear Crystal's clients express that " they have been crystallized" after receiving their service / treatment at her center . Truly an innovator in the field of Trichology, Crystal has also dedicated herself to research.

Featured in The Link Magazine - A Voice of the American Hair Loss Council, Crystal is able to explain the most complex hair and scalp problems in an easy to understand and informative way. Also as a frequent guest appearing on Good Day Columbus Marketplace, Crystal provides practical advice to some of the most intense hair and scalp issues affecting all hair types today. For most of Crystal's career she has worked as a hair care professional and has been a licensed and board certified Cosmetologist.  Feeling a burden to debunk some of the myths surrounding hair loss in both women and men Crystal made the decision to invest in more extensive training. In December 2018 Crystal  was diagnosed with early stages of  Central  Centrifrugal Cicatricial Alopecia igniting a greater fire to understand the causes, and best treatments for scarring forms of hair loss. As a Trichologist, Crystal Allen is devoted  to serious study in the field of Trichology.  Not to be confined to the four walls of  Full Circle Hair Restoration Center Crystal takes her expertise, and compassion into the community.  She currently partners with Dr. Shari Hicks-Graham, a local dermatologist to host support groups for those suffering from hair loss.  


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Full Circle is a high-design hair restoration center housing  a certified Trichologist,  who is hyper focused on a completely holistic experience. We concentrate on confidence to expose individual beauty from the inside out with  careful consideration and astute attention to detail. Dedicated to our health and wellness approach, we’re always looking for inspiration to elevate our craft and share our passion, and ways to ensure you become the absolute best version of yourself.


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