Full Circle Hair Restoration

Nobody wants to have dry, brittle, or damaged hair—and yet that’s something we see all the time here at Full Circle Hair Restoration Center. Clients come to our studio complaining of unhealthy hair, and sure enough, we find that the hair on their head isn’t sufficiently hydrated. The good news is that there are steps you can take to improve your hair health—and many of them involve simple home remedies or lifestyle changes.

Full Circle Hair Restoration

At Full Circle Hair Restoration Center, we like to provide our clients with the why of their hair loss—and then, the what next. We know that our clients want answers. They are losing their hair, and want to know what’s causing it. In addition, they want to know what forms of treatment can be effective in curbing their hair loss and restoring them to their normal look and feel.


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  • There are no words to convey what a blessing Crystal Allen has been in my life. She has taught me that my hair is synonymous with my health. The condition of my hair was dire and so was my health. Thanks to Crystals education as a Trichologist, and expertise as a stylist I began a regimen of vitamins and weekly treatments with her at the helm. My hair has thrived and so is my health. She has worked to fit my very tight schedule and is always available to consult with me. I am so very thankful to Crystal and her healing hands!

    -Saunsherie R.

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Full Circle Hair Restoration Center offers a fully confidential hair and scalp evaluation. Come in to Full Circle Hair to find out your hair’s potential to look great.

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