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Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

For many men, hair loss is more or less expected. They see their fathers or their grandfathers lose hair, and just assume it to be a family trait. For other men, hair loss may come as much more of a surprise—and never a welcome one.

The truth about men’s hair loss is that, more often than not, it is a result of genetic factors—what is often referred to as male pattern baldness, or male pattern hair loss. More than 90 percent of men’s hair loss cases fit under this heading. With that said, there are other reasons that can contribute to men’s hair loss, and those reasons might include everything from stress to poor nutrition.

Men faced with hair loss often want to know why—and that’s something we can help them discover here at Full Circle Hair Restoration Center in Columbus, Ohio. More than knowing why they are losing their hair, though, men want to know what they can do about it—and that’s something else that we can assist them with.

Exploring Men’s Hair Loss

At Full Circle Hair Restoration Center, everything we do is rooted in trichology—that is, the field of dermatology that pertains to hair loss. When you come to see us, we provide a private, one-on-one consultation where we can administer full trichological testing to find out why you’re losing your hair. From there, we can help you to develop a plan of action, guiding you through some of the best hair replacement solutions that are available to you.

Above all, we strive to keep our clients comfortable; to provide them with real knowledge, not just sales pitches; and to give them solutions that meet both their hair needs and their budgets.

What Causes Men’s Hair Loss?

Through trichological testing, we’re able to uncover the root of your hair loss—which might include any of the following:

  • Androgenetic Alopecia - Often called male pattern baldness, this form of alopecia involves hormone changes that adversely impact the normal growth cycle of your hair follicles.

  • Medical Treatment - Chemotherapy and cranial radiation treatments are well-known contributors to hair loss, but many other medications can also impede normal hair growth.

  • Nutrient Deficiency - Sometimes the answer is as simple as poor lifestyle choices; a diet that is low in iron or in B Vitamins, for instance, can starve your follicles of the fuel they need.

  • Alopecia Areata - This is an autoimmune disease wherein your body actually attacks the follicles like they are foreign invaders.

  • Alopecia Totalis - This even more severe form of alopecia can lead to the complete loss of hair on the head, not just in patches. 

  • Alopecia universalis - This form of alopecia, which is fairly rare, involves hair loss not just on the scalp but all over your body.

  • Telogen Effluvium - This is a stress-related condition that can impede the proper functioning of your follicles. 

  • Trichotillomania - Another stress disorder, this condition involves the compulsive biting, pulling, or twisting of hair.

Find Solutions for Your Hair Loss

These hair loss conditions are all very different, yet they are similar in this regard: You do not have to settle for any of them as permanent. You can find a solution that works for you, and reclaim both your hair and your confidence.

That’s what Full Circle Hair Restoration Center is here for. Come join us for a private consultation, and get to the bottom of your thinning hair.

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