Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia

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Women face hair loss for different reasons—and one potential trigger is Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia, also called CCCA. Most common among African-American women, CCCA typically begins in the middle of the scalp, or the crown. Hair loss then radiates out in a circular pattern. While this hair loss is usually gradual, it can sometimes progress quite rapidly.

CCCA destroys the hair follicles and leaves scarring behind—and as such, its results can be permanent. With that said, detecting and treating it early can minimize the damage done. Here at Full Circle Hair Restoration, we treat many women with CCCA, and help them restore their hair to its full health and volume. If you believe you’re losing hair due to CCCA, we urge you to come see us for a consultation today and learn about the treatment options available to you!

Causes and Symptoms of CCCA

The specific cause of CCCA is somewhat in question. For many years, it was believed to be the result of heat and hot oils on the scalp, and especially the use of hot combs. More recent research suggests that it has more to do with genetics than anything else, it is the #1 cause, and that CCCA may in fact be a hereditary condition. Additionally, braids, weaves, and hair styles that cause a lot of tensions/weight to the follicle can play a huge role in CCCA. Where scarring has taken place on the scalp, that hair loss is permanent and can’t be restored. But, in areas where there is no scarring, there is hope for restoration.

As for the symptoms, they can vary, but many women experience itching, burning, or even pain on the scalp, followed by hair loss in that circular pattern we noted above. If you experience these symptoms, contact Full Circle for a consultation as soon as possible!

Treatments for CCCA

In fact, women facing this condition may wish to visit their dermatologist, who can provide antibiotics, steroids, and/or topical treatments to stop CCCA’s effects. These treatments can be effective, but they won’t necessarily help you grow back the hair you’ve lost.

For that, Full Circle can help. Often, we treat CCCA with laser therapy, which stimulates fresh blood flow to the follicles. Topical solutions can also come into play. And, for women who experience rapid and extreme hair loss, we have plenty of options to restore your hair and to provide you with a natural hairline—including our customized hair systems.

A condition like Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia can be unwelcome, to say the least—but with the right treatment, its effects can be minimized, and your thick, voluminous hair can be restored! To learn more about diagnosis and treatment for CCCA, reach out to Full Circle Hair Restoration. Come in for a 30-minute consultation, where we can go over these solutions in greater detail! Call us today.



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