Trichology for Men

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The men who come to Full Circle Hair Restoration Center are looking for answers. What’s causing them to lose their hair—and what can be done to reverse the process? Our team is prepared to answer both of these questions, and to do so we turn to science. Specifically, we turn to trichology, the field of dermatology that is concerned with the scalp. This scientific approach backs everything we do at Full Circle, and empowers us to provide real answers and effective solutions to all of our clients.

Our Commitment to Trichology

Trichology has been important to us since the very beginning. Our founder, Crystal, has now worked as a stylist for 27 years, and for a long time she was getting questions from clients who wanted to know why they had thinning hair. She didn’t know what to tell them, so she went back to school and immersed herself in trichology. She has since been certified in the field, and brings that foundation in trichology to everything that goes on at Full Circle Hair Restoration Center.

It’s integral to everything we do—so when you come to Full Circle, you know that we’ll help you get to the bottom of your hair loss, and also recommend some ways to address it. In short, we’ll help you discover the why of your hair loss, and also the what next.

The Trichology Process

Everything at Full Circle starts with a consultation. You’ll sit down with one of our stylists for a friendly, private, low-key conversation. We’ll also advise some trichological testing. Don’t worry—this process is entirely painless and non-invasive. It’s also important; it allows us to look closely at your hair and scalp and determine what’s causing your hair loss.

We’ll do a number of tests for the pH level and pliability of your scalp, and we’ll also use special cameras to do some anatomical testing. This will help show us what’s causing your hair loss, and what can be done to address it—something that might include nutritional or lifestyle changes.

Our Trichology Products

In addition, our experts can also recommend advanced trichology products for you to use, all of which can restore your scalp to good health. Full Circle Hair Restoration Center is proud to offer trichology products from CRLab, an international leader in the science of hair health. These products include all-natural remedies for thinning hair and poor scalp health, and come in the form of shampoos, conditioners, and other topical solutions. Some clients will benefit from an entire spectrum of products, while others might be best served by just one or two of them.

The important thing is that we tailor our recommendations to each client’s needs—which is what makes that initial evaluation so important.

Get Answers from Full Circle

Get the answers you need—answers based in the field of trichology. Start by coming down to Full Circle Hair Restoration Center in Columbus, and we’ll help you determine why you’re losing your hair—and what can be done about it.



Full Circle Hair Restoration Center offers a fully confidential hair and scalp evaluation. Come in to Full Circle Hair to find out your hair’s potential to look great.

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  • For a while since starting to go bald, I had wanted to grow my hair back. When I heard about Crystal from a friend I decided to give it a try, even though at first I was skeptical. During my consultation, Crystal recommended the Low Light Laser Therapy. Since going for treatments, my hair has been consistently growing and I am excited about continuing my treatments.

    -Jeff A.

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