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For women, hair loss can be mortifying—and in some cases, it might even be frightening. The first and most important message we have for women suffering from hair loss is that there is hope. Here at Full Circle Hair Restoration Center, we can provide both answers and solutions; we can get to the bottom of why you’re losing your hair, and we can show you how to address it, safely and effectively.

The Full Circle Hair Restoration team is proud to offer our clients access to only the best, most proven hair growth products in the world—and that includes XTC Hair Growth Products & Systems. To learn more about the XTC line, and to find out whether you’re a good candidate for it, we encourage you to visit us today for a full consultation.

XTC Hair Product Lineup

The XTC hair growth lineup includes some of the products we are most likely to recommend to our clients—for the simple reason that we know they work, that they get results, and that they are also perfectly safe. Plus, the innovators at XTC have developed a truly diverse array of hair products, including options to fit most all hair loss needs.

XTC is focused on hair growth and healthy hair solutions that include shampoos, conditioners, and other salon products. There are also some hair-boosting sprays and growth therapy products in the XTC lineup. These topical products work in different ways, and ideally they are used to complement one another; some might stimulate growth while others might work to inhibit DHT, a hormonal byproduct that is widely considered to be the cause of hair loss. XTC also provides special scalp treatments, which can turn the scalp into a healthier environment for growing hair, and nutritional supplements as well.

These are all carefully formulated topical solutions, backed by the science of trichology. For some of our clients, use of the full XTC system might make the most sense. This would involve a precise regimen of products and solutions working together in tandem. For others, it might be more beneficial to use just a handful of the products. It just depends on the nature and extent of your hair loss needs. That’s something our experts would be glad to speak with you about.

Whether you choose a standalone product or the full XTC hair growth product system, we believe the therapeutic effects of XTC can help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

Visit Full Circle Hair Restoration Center

The whole process begins when you come in for a consultation. Chat with one of our stylists about your hair loss needs, and we’ll show you some options that fit. There’s no obligation for coming in for a consultation, and we won’t do a hard sell, either. We just want to guide you through some of the available solutions, including the different topical solutions we offer from XTC.

You don’t have to settle for hair loss. Join us at Full Circle Hair Restoration Center to start looking and feeling like yourself again.



Full Circle Hair Restoration Center offers a fully confidential hair and scalp evaluation. Come in to Full Circle Hair to find out your hair’s potential to look great.

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  • There are no words to convey what a blessing Crystal Allen has been in my life. She has taught me that my hair is synonymous with my health. The condition of my hair was dire and so was my health. Thanks to Crystals education as a Trichologist, and expertise as a stylist I began a regimen of vitamins and weekly treatments with her at the helm. My hair has thrived and so is my health. She has worked to fit my very tight schedule and is always available to consult with me. I am so very thankful to Crystal and her healing hands!

    -Saunsherie R.

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