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Trichology for Women

What is the cause of your hair loss? And what can be done to reverse it? To answer either of these questions, it is important to turn to science—and in particular, to the field of trichology. This is the branch of dermatology that concerns itself with the health of the scalp and the follicle, and provides real answers for those who are struggling with hair loss. Trichology is also the basis of everything we do here at Full Circle Hair Restoration Center.


Our Commitment to Trichology

Our founder, Crystal, has been working as a stylist for more than 27 years—and in that time, she’s met with countless clients who had questions about hair loss. Crystal didn’t have the answers they needed, so she went back to school to learn everything she could about trichology. This enabled her to really get to the root of her clients’ hair loss—to give them answers, and also science-backed solutions.

That commitment to scientific understanding girds everything we do here at Full Circle Hair Restoration Center—and when you come to us faced with thinning hair, you can rest assured that we will address both the why and the what next of your hair loss.


The Trichology Process

When you come in for a private, one-on-one consultation, you will receive thorough trichological testing from one of our experts. This is all completely painless and non-invasive, but will give us a good understanding of what’s really going on with your hair.

These tests will include checks of your pH levels, and of your hair’s pliability. It will also involve some anatomical scans, which we do with special cameras. The point of the testing is to discover what can be done to make your scalp a healthy environment for hair growth—and sometimes, the answer might be as simple as some lifestyle changes, such as improved nutrition or better stress management.


Our Trichology Products

In addition, our experts can also recommend advanced trichology products for you to use, all of which can restore your scalp to good health. Full Circle Hair Restoration Center is proud to offer trichology products from CRLab, an international leader in the science of hair health. The CRLab product lineup includes all kinds of topical solutions, such as shampoos and conditioners, to improve your hair health. We also proudly carry trichological products from XTC, another leader in the field.

No two people need the exact same trichology products, though, which is what makes the initial consultation so important. From there, our team can tailor the products to fit your needs.


Get Answers from Full Circle

Our clients want to know why their hair is thinning—but more than that, they want to know what they can do next. The team at Full Circle can provide definitive answers to both questions. It all starts with our foundation in trichology. To learn more about our approach, or to have your initial consultation, join us at Full Circle Hair Restoration Center in Columbus, Ohio today!

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